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The Hearty Approach

What does Hearty Do?

Dr. David Lipman
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Hearty is the future of medicine, or as Dr Frank Lipman, our CMO says, Hearty is “New Medicine”. Hearty is here to keep you well, increase your performance and help keep aging as an arbitrary number alone.

Hearty integrates conventional medical factors such as your medical history with genetic testing to develop a background risk profile. Following this we use blood tests for biomarkers to develop a set of current areas of need to overlay on your risk profile.

Once this is done, our team works with you to develop a comprehensive lifestyle plan, taking into account this information and your goals in all facets of life. We then empower you to make these changes and track them to stay accountable with wearable technologies to monitor metrics such as your sleep, blood glucose and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Our health coaches will be assisting you in your behavior change journey and we will be making sure we keep an eye on your data from your wearables, alerting you if there is something we are concerned about.

You will have regular reviews scheduled every 3-6 months to redo your blood tests, your progress and the plan more broadly. The length of time of this review will be decided based on your tests, goals and will be in collaboration with you because this is ‘New Medicine’ not ‘Old Medicine’ where the guy in the white coat makes all the decisions.

What Genetic Testing does Hearty do?

A full spectrum of nutritional genetic sequencing to inform a range of aspects of your Hearty journey.

This testing looks at a selection of genes that work together to provide you with a blueprint for how your own body functions. It gives us insight into your body’s functionality, and where you can make better diet and lifestyle choices that will be more optimized for you. It will also give insight into risk factors for different health issues for example heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease, as well as insight into the interaction of your genes in different pathways. These pathways will impact the risk of conditions and also have implications for treatment choices to best support you. For example weak methylation pathways will change certain aspects of supplementation or weak detoxification pathways can inform how your body can dispose of toxins that build up.

This testing will have implications for both prevention and treatment and will ensure the most effective lifestyle plan can be implemented.

What Blood tests does Hearty use?

We incorporate a full spectrum of blood tests, from the more standard complete blood count (CBC) and metabolic profile, to an advanced cardiac panel, which goes beyond standard cholesterol testing, to assess many other risk factors, which provide deeper insights to help evaluate and monitor cardiovascular risk more effectively. It will also include heavy metal testing, inflammatory markers, a comprehensive hormone panel and an extensive nutrient panel, most of which not done on a routine physical.

What wearables does Hearty use?

Hearty has chosen to use a number of wearables and tools to track metrics relevant to various health and lifestyle related goals. Currently these include; the Oura ring, Apple Watch, Dexcom continuous glucose monitor and Withings smart scale.

These will all integrate with our unique platform so that we can track these remotely and give you insight into how this data fits into a broader picture and applies to your goals and health journey.

What does the Lifestyle Plan include?

The comprehensive lifestyle plan is goal orientated, informed by your medical history and our testing (genetics and blood tests) and supported by our health coaches.

The pillars of the program are: sleep, stress reduction, nutrition, exercise and supplementation (if needed). Not all of these will be focus points for all patients but they will all be considered in the lifestyle plan given your personal circumstances and goals.

You will be supported with 1-2 weekly check in calls with our health coaches and your data will be monitored by us in order to check in if necessary and to inform our health coaching conversations. This is all with the goal of ensuring the best possible patient experience and outcomes.

We are on a quest to stop a slow steady decline in health as one ages. To us, this is about more than how you look though, this is about how you feel, function and perform. It’s also about your health, preventing illness and disease and allowing you a long healthspan.

Written by
Dr. David Lipman

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