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What you can Expect from your Hearty Experience

Dr. Frank Lipman
Time to read:
7 min

We think the future of medicine is collaborative, a partnership, not being told what to do with the bare minimum information required. We want informed, engaged patients and we believe that starts with us. So this article is about just that, you already know what Hearty does, but this doesn’t quite explain all aspects of what you can expect from Hearty.

You would already be familiar with the fact that Hearty integrates your medical history, genetic testing and blood tests with your goals to develop a comprehensive lifestyle plan. Additionally you would probably have read that you will be aided to create the behaviour changes needed for this lifestyle plan by a health coach and that we will be monitoring some wearable data from you.

But how does this actually work?

Phase 1: Test (about 1 month)

Step 1

Sign up to Hearty

Step 2

Records and Goals. Think about and collect your medical records/medical history as well as your health and performance related goals in areas such as general health, work performance, athletic performance and any other areas that are important to you.

Step 3

Collection. We will contact you and organize your testing. This will involve being visited at home for collection of a cheek swab and a blood draw.

Step 4

Virtual appointment. You will meet one of our team to discuss your results, history and goals. From here we develop your comprehensive lifestyle plan.

Step 5

Weables. We send you and help you set up your new wearables and monitoring systems. These include; an Apple watch, an Oura ring, a Withings smart scale and your continuous glucose monitor. You will link all of these to our portal and app.

Phase 2: Train (about 3 months)

Step 6

Follow up. We will schedule regular follow up virtual appointments with our team of health coaches to ensure we are best supporting you in your behavior changes for your lifestyle plan.

Phase 3: Track (about 8 months)

Step 7

Remote monitoring. We will be monitoring your data from your devices to ensure you are on track and we will contact you if something specific concerns us.

Step 8

Review. We will be reviewing your lifestyle plan and progress regularly, this will be different to your health coaching appointments, which are more supportive than reviewing in nature. The timeline for these will be agreed up with you, but it is likely you will be having these between 3 and 6 monthly.

You may be thinking, “what is with the phases?”

These are roughly divided and loose in nature, the process is in reality much more fluid than this. But they are there to help conceptually.

In effect, the ‘Test’ phase is about getting a baseline and a plan, the ‘Train’ phase is about building your new lifestyle habits with fairly regular contact and help as needed and then ‘Track’ phase is about us tracking you remotely while you use your newly formed habits to live your optimal life. The goal of the last phase is less contact with us, because this is ultimately about your journey with support as needed, we want to empower you, not create dependence.

But What about the Outcomes?

This is as much dependent on you as it is Hearty. Remember, this is “New Medicine”, not “Old Medicine”, it’s a partnership.

You should anticipate significant support on your journey of behavior change towards your end goals. These may be lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep or aging related.

Ultimately, Hearty is on a mission to help you stop or at least radically slow down the loss in function and vitality as you age. To us premature aging is as much to do with how you feel, function and perform as it is anything else.

It’s also about your health, preventing illness and disease and allowing you a long healthspan….So you can expect these things too.

Written by
Dr. Frank Lipman

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