Can a wearable activity tracker detect dementia early?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

If there was a device that could detect dementia early, would you want it? Early detection would allow you to be proactive with your long-term health. New research suggests that such a thing might exist...soon.

Study Summary

A new study, which included over 500 older adults wearing activity monitors (Actigraph) found that:

  • Those with Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment have different movement patterns when compared to those without cognitive impairment.

The Hearty Take

This means that in the future, these movement patterns would be able to be tracked and may be able to signify cognitive impairment earlier on. At Hearty, we look forward to a futurein which technology can help warn us of potential ill health. When we have early detection, we have more power to change our lifestyles to prevent health decline!

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