Mental health

Can diet impact mental health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 20, 2022

Does a healthy diet impact mental health?

The field of nutritional psychiatry is dedicated to determining the impact of the food we eat on our mental health.

Study Summary

A new study suggested that the adherence to a healthy Mediterranean diet likely improves depressive symptoms, contributing to the nutritional psychiatry field.

The Mediterranean diet intervention used in this research was rich in vegetables, legumes, whole grains, oily fish, olive oil, and nuts.

This study was limited to young males aged 18-25 with moderate to severe depression, and thus, might not be generalizable to the rest of the population.

The Hearty Take

At Hearty we know the food we eat impacts our mental health. The gut and the brain are connected. Microbes in the gut communicate with the brain. Additionally, the majority of our serotonin is located within the gut. Eat a healthy diet to support your mental health!

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