Can gardening really reduce stress?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Are you looking for new hobbies to reduce stress? ⁠Recent research investigated the impact of gardening on stress, anxiety and depression.

Study Summary

The 4 week study which included 32 healthy women, found that twice-weekly gardening or art lessons resulted in:

  • Both groups experienced lower levels of stress, anxiety and sadness.
  • Both groups experienced improvements in mental health.
  • The reduction in anxiety was slightly higher for those who gardened compared to those who participated in the art group.

The Hearty Take

Previous research had found that gardening and art enhanced mental health for those with specific medical conditions. However, no studies had investigated the mental health impact of art and gardening for healthy individuals. Looking for a boost in mental well-being or to reduce your stress levels and anxiety? Try gardening or expressing your artistic creativity! Don’t forget gardening is also a good source of movement!

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