Can red-light therapy derail skin aging?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 21, 2022

What is red-light therapy and infrared light therapy and what does it have to do with skin aging?

Near infrared and infrared LED therapy are lights emitted from a device in the infrared and near-infrared range of the electromagnetic radiation. This light frequency may promote tissue health and healthspan

Study Summary

A recent study, including 113 participants, found that those who received 30 red light therapy treatments (twice a week) had improvements to skin complexion, as well as the feeling of their skin.

These individuals also experienced improvements to skin roughness and collagen density. All of these benefits are akin to a youthening of the skin.

The Hearty Take

This therapy is a promising technique which may be applicable for skin rejuvenation. However, there is a need for human research to confirm these findings. We are excited to continue to watch the research unfold!

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