Can you sleep too much?

Dr Frank Lipman
Jan 17, 2023

Is there such a thing as too much sleep? A body of research has suggested that over 8 hours of sleep may be detrimental to our long term health. New research adds to that body, suggesting that over 8 hours of sleep per night may increase the risk of dementia.

Study Summary

This new research, which relied on data from 1,982 dementia-free older adults in China, found that:

• Those who slept 8+ hours per night had a 69% higher risk of dementia than those who slept 7-8 hours per night. 

• Those who went to bed before 9 pm had double the risk of dementia than those who slept after 10 pm. 

The Hearty Take

This study suggests that both the duration of sleep and the time at which you sleep may contribute to a heightened risk of dementia. Too little or too much sleep can be detrimental to health in both the short-term and long-term. There is a need for more research to investigate the optimal time to sleep. In the meantime, prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep to promote healthspan and prevent the onset of disease!

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