Does cranberry consumption or supplementation enhance heart health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 20, 2022

How often do you consume cranberries? If you answered often, then we may have good news for you! Research suggests that cranberry supplementation is beneficial for heart health.

Study Summary

A recent study found that drinking 9 grams of cranberry powder daily for 1 month, lead to enhanced flow-mediated dilation (FMD) for healthy middle-aged men. FMD is a biomarker of heart health, which increases when the arteries widen due to increased blood flow. Low FMD is a predictor of heart disease. This dosage is equivalent to consuming 3.5 oz of fresh cranberries.

Similar studies have provided mixed results. These studies differ in dosage, type of cranberry consumption (powder vs juice) and population (middle aged healthy adults vs middle aged obese adults vs younger adults) - hence, this new study suggests that cranberry powder may enhance heart health for healthy middle-aged men.

One recent study showed that for middle-aged obese adults with elevated blood pressure, cranberry juice did not effect central systolic blood pressure but did positively impact other measures of heart health: blood pressure and lipoprotein profile.

While a recent systematic review found that cranberry supplementation could be effective in systolic blood pressure and high-density lipoprotein management, for younger adults.

The Hearty Take

These heart health benefits can be attributed to natural compounds, known as polyphenols, found in cranberries. Polyphenols may improve the function of blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease. For similar benefits consume 3.5 oz of fresh cranberries daily. If you are interested in supplementation, reach out to your health practitioner!

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