Expert Feature

Dan Buettner on Longevity in Sardinia

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 16, 2022

Dan Buettner is a researcher, author and founder of the Blue Zones®, a company dedicated to creating healthy communities. He discovered 5 places with the highest density of people who live the longest and healthiest (the so-called “Blue Zones”), one of which is Sardinia, Italy. Here are the factors he uncovered that explain the Sardinians longevity:

  1. They eat a diet centered around plants.
  2. They have strong family values.
  3. They praise and respect older adults.
  4. They walk every day.
  5. They have fulfilling social networks.
  6. They have a daily gathering to laugh.
  7. They consume goat milk.

For more read the details on the BlueZones blog.

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