Does gardening promote healthspan?

Dr Frank Lipman
Jan 17, 2023

Can gardening help reduce the risk for disease? A new study suggests that community gardening may be protective for the development of disease.

Study Summary

This new research, which relied on 291 non-gardening adults (on average 41 years of age), found that: 

  • Those who gardened ate ~7% more fiber than those who did not garden. 
  • Those who gardened also exercised more outside of gardening. 
  • Those who gardened had reductions in their stress and anxiety levels.
  • All of these benefits contribute to a reduced risk of disease

The Hearty Take 

The benefits of gardening do not just come from growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs - but also from being in a natural outdoor space with other people. These results suggest that participating in a local community garden may come with several health benefits due to indirect lifestyle impacts.

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