Does potato consumption contribute to poor metabolic health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Jan 4, 2023

Does potato consumption contribute to poor metabolic health? New research suggests that while in general, consuming vegetables reduces the risk for diabetes, consuming potatoes likely does not.

Study Summary

This new research, which included 54,793 participants aged 50-64 years, found that: 

  • Those who ate the most vegetables, excluding potatoes, were 21% less likely to develop diabetes when compared to those who ate the least vegetables. The benefits of vegetable consumption did not increase when consumption was upwards of 150-250 grams. 
  • Both green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables were associated with a reduced risk of diabetes.
  • The study found that potatoes may reduce the metabolic benefits of vegetable consumption. While plain potatoes may not negatively impact the risk of diabetes, fried potatoes, as well as mashed potatoes and potato chips may increase the risk.

The Hearty Take

When researching whether vegetable consumption reduces the risk of diabetes or other conditions, excluding potatoes from “vegetables”, may lead to more pronounced results. If you’re going to consume potatoes, choose plain potatoes and avoid processed potato dishes.

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