Does the process of getting a gel manicure increase the risk for cancer?

Hearty Team
Jan 29, 2023

Have you or a loved one ever gotten a gel manicure? Well, new research suggests that this type of manicure may be detrimental for our health due to the UV light exposure used with gel nail polish dryers. 

Study Summary 

This new research, using human cells exposed to UV light, found that: 

  • Cells exposed to UV light exhibited cell death, damage, and DNA mutations, accompanied by an increase in reactive oxygen species molecules and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Additionally, genomic profiling revealed higher levels of somatic mutations in the irradiated cells, similar to patterns seen in melanoma patients.

The Hearty Take

UV-nail polish dryers may increase the risk of skin cancer, similar to tanning beds, but further studies are needed to quantify any increased risk of cancer and at what frequency of use. Although it may take up to a decade for these studies to be completed, we are choosing to take precautions ahead of time! 

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