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Dr Rhonda Fitzpatrick on Berberine

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Have you heard of berberine? Berberine is a plant compound found in roots, stems, rhizomes, and bark of plants like Californian poppy, goldenseal, Oregon grape, and other plants in the Berberis genus. Berberine is thought to have several health benefits. Here are the benefits as summed by Dr. Rhonda Fitzpatrick, the founder of FindMyFitness, as well as expert in nutrition, aging and disease prevention:

  1. Berberine may improve lipid profiles.
  2. Berberine may enhancing blood glucose regulation.
  3. Berberine may help combat or prevent cardiovascular disease.
  4. Berberine may help combat or prevent gastrointestinal disorders.
  5. Berberine may help combat or prevent neurological disorders.
  6. Berberine may help combat or prevent type 2 diabetesThey take a 24 hour weekly break from regular life.

For her in-depth analysis of the benefits, visit her page on Berberine, here.

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