Do emotional regulation and self-control impact aging?

Dr Frank Lipman
Nov 30, 2022

How does chronic stress impact disease and aging? This study assessed whether resilience factors impact stress-related acceleration of aging.

Study Summary

A Yale study assessing the biological age of 444 participants using a tool called GrimAge, found that:

  • Accelerated biological aging was associated with a greater amount of cumulative stress and poor measures of physiological stress, including adrenal sensitivity and insulin resistance.
  • Greater emotional regulation protected from stress-related aging.
  • Greater self-control improved stress-related insulin resistance.

The Hearty Take

Those who have greater emotional regulation and self-control appear to have protection from stress-related acceleration of biological aging. At Hearty, we believe that practicing emotional regulation and self-control may be a way to intervene. We recommend starting a meditation or mindfulness practice.

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