How can biological aging be measured?

Dr Frank Lipman
Nov 30, 2022

The more accurate measures of biological age become, the better we can optimize our health! Researchers at Columbia University have recently created a blood test, called DunedinPACE, to measure biological aging. Compared to other tests which measure how old or young a person is, DunedinPACE measures the rate at which an individual is aging.

Study Summary

DunedinPACE was created by tracking a group of 1000 people from birth and monitoring change in 19 biomarkers related to organ integrity overtime. Using DunedinPACE, researchers concluded:

  • DunedinPACE is as precise as top-of-the-line biological aging tests in predicting disease, disability, and death.
  • Middle-aged and older adults with a faster DunedinPACE have an increased risk for chronic disease, disability and death.
  • DunedinPACE rate was also faster in young adults with a past history of poverty and childhood adversity – suggesting that life experience can speed up the aging processes.

The Hearty Take

At Hearty, we believe this design could make DunedinPACE a more sensitive tool to detect effects of interventions that aim to slow aging and of exposures that accelerate the aging processes. All in all, DunedinPACE represents a new way to measure the rate of biological aging to complement existing biological aging tests.

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