How do stress levels change over the course of our lifespans?

Hearty Team
Feb 9, 2023

As you age do you feel more stressed, or less stressed? New research suggests that daily stress levels change with age. 

Study Summary

This research, which included 3,000+ adults, found that: 

  • Daily stress levels decreased with age.
  • 25-year-olds reported being stressed on 50% of days, while 70-year-olds were only stressed 30% of days. 
  • Older adults were less emotionally impacted by stressors, into their mid-fifties. However, during the late 60’s and early 70’s this may change.

The Hearty Take

This is great news for those of us who are aging (all of us!). It seems that as we age we find ways to eliminate stressors from our day-to-day lives, but also to reduce how much those stressors impact us emotionally. Feeling stressed? Reach out to your medical team and create a plan to better manage your stress.

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