How does soil pollution impact heart health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 16, 2022

Did you know that pesticide exposure is linked to a greater likelihood of heart disease? A new research article suggests that contaminants from soil may have negative effects on heart health.

Study Summary

Authors of the study concluded that:

  • Pesticides and heavy metals found in soil may increase the likelihood of heart disease, via increasing oxidative stress, inflammation, and circadian rhythm disturbances.

The Hearty Take

The impact of environmental stressors on the body and disease processes is something that we see regularly at Hearty. It is important to understand and acknowledge each individual’s different predispositions and tolerances. To limit the environmental stressors mentioned in this paper we encourage you to buy organic and wash thoroughly! When buying produce, take into consideration that leafy greens and tuber vegetables typically accumulate more heavy metals from the soil compared to other produce. For more information on how to avoid food-derived pesticides and metals, reach out to your nutritionist!

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