How does your gut microbiome impact your risk for diabetes?

Hearty Team
Jan 23, 2023

Do the bacteria in your gut pose a threat to your metabolic health? New research (still on-going) suggests that the make-up of your microbiome could increase or decrease your risk for diabetes. 

Study Summary

This new research, which included data from 350 people without diabetes, found that: 

• Certain strains of butyrate-producing bacteria are associated with better insulin sensitivity. 

• Certain strains of butyrate-producing bacteria are associated with less insulin sensitivity.

The Hearty Take

There is a need for more research to better understand and confirm the impact of bacteria on insulin sensitivity, and diabetes risk. As of now, researchers are unsure whether diabetes causes an unhealthy microbiome, or if an unhealthy microbiome precedes the onset of diabetes. In the future, gut composition may be able to be modified to intervene in diabetes risk. 

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