How important is Vitamin D for muscular health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 29, 2022

How important is Vitamin D for muscular health? New research suggests the importance of vitamin D status for fending off muscle loss for older adults. 

Study Summary

This research, which included participants aged 50+ without age-related muscle loss, found that: 

  • Those who were deficient (<30 nmol/L) in Vitamin D had a 70% higher likelihood of developing age-related muscle loss over the next 4 years, when compared to those with adequate levels (> 50 nmol/L). 

The Hearty Take

This study suggests that Vitamin D status may be an important indicator for the risk of muscle loss and that Vitamin D levels may be protective for muscle loss with age, for older adults. There is a body of research which echoes the importance of Vitamin D for healthspan, despite age. Get your Vitamin D levels checked and consider supplementation!

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