How much do you have to exercise throughout your eighties to live a long and healthy life?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Does exercise still matter for those in their 80’s? 

No, you can’t stop exercising in your 80’s if you want to maintain health. 

Study Summary

A new study, which included 7,047 participants over the age of 80 years old, found that:

• Walking 10 minutes per day is linked to a lower likelihood of dying, despite exercise intensity [European Society of Cardiology; Press Release; August 24, 2022] .

The authors concluded that for those in their 80’s, walking for 10 minutes per day is advantageous for prolonging life, especially when compared to being inactive.

The Hearty Take

The Physical Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults exercise a minimum of 150 minutes per week at moderate intensity or 75 minutes per week at vigorous intensity, on top of 2 strength training sessions per week. This recommendation is regardless of age. However, with age time spent being sedentary increases. This study sheds light on the importance of exercise for those 80 and above, even if 10 minutes of walking per day! Exercise is vital at every age. 

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