How to exercise to burn fat?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 17, 2022

Looking to steer clear of poor metabolic health? Research suggests that a certain type of exercise could prove more effective compared to other forms of exercise in accelerating fat loss.

Study Summary

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis, assessing the results from 18 studies, found that:

  • Compared to aerobic exercise, HIIT is more effective in stimulating fat loss
  • HIIT’s acceleration of fat burning also increases fat burning during other forms of physical activity
  • HIIT improves fat metabolism after 4 weeks of a few sessions of HIIT per week
  • HIIT may provide greater metabolic benefits for overweight individuals

The Hearty Take

We know that being overweight increases our risk for disease and accelerated aging. Fat is also inflammatory. HIIT is an empowering form of exercise for improving fat metabolism and reducing weight for the over two billion overweight people in the world. HIIT is also a powerful lifestyle tool for those looking to prevent unwanted weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. Whilst fat burning is only one part of why exercise is good, we believe HIIT should be included in the optimal exercise program. Want to understand how to incorporate HIIT into your routine? Reach out to your health coach!

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