Is all stress bad for cognitive function?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 17, 2022

Do you ever stress about how your stress levels are impacting your health - and feel like by doing so you are only exacerbating the negative effects? Well, recent research may have good news to help you end that cycle. While we know that stress is a risk factor for disease and accelerated aging, a new study investigated whether certain types of stress may actually prove beneficial.

Study Summary

The study, which analyzed the data of 1,206 young adults, found that:

  • Low to moderate levels of stress may improve stress resiliency and prevent mental health disorders (depression, antisocial behavior, etc).
  • These low to moderate levels of stress are akin to the stress felt when studying for an exam, preparing for a work meeting, facing rejection in the workplace, getting fired or meeting an important deadline. Although stress is subjective.

The Hearty Take

Don’t over-stress yourself about your stress! While stress, when chronic, impacts nearly every aspect of your health from your immune system to brain function – some stress may help you maintain a healthy mental state and become more resilient. Working or studying in an environment where you experience a moderate amount of stress may positively impact your productivity, performance, and cognition. Worried about your stress levels? Reach out to your doctor and health coach.

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