Want a simple tool to increase your life expectancy?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

What can you do starting today, outside of diet and exercise, to enhance your healthspan? New research suggests that psychological well-being is extremely important for increasing life expectancy.

Study Summary

This new research, including data from more than 21,000 adults (aged 50 years or more), found that:

  • Those with higher life satisfaction, a larger social circle, more positive feelings, a more optimistic mindset, and a greater sense of purpose by the age of 50 had a reduced risk of mortality.

All of these factors together represent a healthier psychological well-being.

The Hearty Take

Those with an enhanced psychological well-being are more likely to be physically active, have better sleep hygiene and be more proactive when it comes to their health. Prioritizeyour mental well-being - it can always improve! Strive to connect with others, look forpositives, be mindful, be generous and express gratitude.

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