What can you do to increase your alertness daily?

Hearty Team
Feb 13, 2023

Did you know that how you wake up and regain alertness in the hours after sleep has to do with how you are sleeping, eating and exercising? New research tested the hypothesis that an individual’s unique sleep profile the night prior (their sleep duration, sleep efficiency and sleep timing) predicts subsequent changes in next-morning alertness. 

Study Summary 

This new research, which included 833 twins and genetically unrelated adults, found that: 

  • How effectively an individual awakens in the hours following sleep is not associated with genetics, but instead, four independent factors: sleep quantity/quality the night before, physical activity the day prior, and a lower blood glucose response following breakfast. 
  • An individual's set-point of daily alertness is related to the quality of their sleep, their positive emotional state, and their age.

The Hearty Take

How people wake up and regain alertness in the hours after sleep is related to how they are sleeping, eating, and exercising. Want to increase your alertness? Focus on improving sleep quality, prioritizing 7-8 hours of sleep per night, exercising regularly and improving your blood glucose regulation. Need help getting started? Reach out to your medical team.

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