What does hydration have to do with biological aging?

Dr Frank Lipman
Jan 9, 2023

What does hydration have to do with biological aging? New research links good hydration with slower biological aging. 

Study Summary 

This new research, which relied on data from 11,255 adults, found that: 

• Those who are well-hydrated, whom have serum sodium levels between 135-142 mEq/L, may have a reduced risk of developing both heart and lung disease. 

• Those who are well-hydrated may have a lower likelihood of premature death than those who do not drink a sufficient amount of fluid.

• Those who had serum sodium levels at the higher end of the normal range (142-146 mEq/L) had a greater likelihood of showing signs of accelerated biological aging. 

Researchers suggested that those with a higher level of serum sodium than 142 mEq/L would benefit from getting a closer look into their fluid intakes. 

The Hearty Take 

Recent research has suggested that the daily recommendation of 8 cups of water may not hold true, or may even be too much, for specific individuals. Water needs are highly dependent on energy expenditure. This new research suggests the importance of staying well-hydrated for aging and healthspan. Get your serum sodium levels assessed to understand your fluid needs, slow aging and live disease-free!

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