What does the consumption of grapes have to do with the risk of UV damage?

Hearty Team
Feb 9, 2023

Did you know that consuming grapes may reduce the risk of UV damage? Well, at least, that’s what new research suggests. 

Study Summary 

This new research, including 29 adults, found that: 

  • Participants who consumed 2 ¼ cups of grapes daily for 2 weeks showed increased resistance to sunburn.
  • Unique microbiomic and metabolomic profiles were correlated with increased resistance to UV damage to the skin after consumption of grapes.
  • These individuals also had unique microbiomic and metabolomic profiles. 

These study results are limited by sample size.

The Hearty Take

Skin cancer and aging are both risks of sun exposure. Specific foods may help prevent both skin cancer and aging at the hands of sun exposure. The benefits of grape consumption for skin health may be due to the presence of natural compounds in grapes, called polyphenols. Despite this potential reduction to the risk of sun-related skin damage, grapes are still high in sugar. There is a need for more (and larger-scale) research to understand the feasibility of using grapes to help reduce sun-related skin damage. 

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