What’s an activity that you can do everyday to promote healthspan?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 21, 2022

Looking for a well-defined healthspan-promoting habit to adopt? Recent research suggests that a certain number of daily steps as well as a certain pace of walking may prevent cancer, dementia, heart disease and death.

Study Summary

This research, which relied on data from 78,500 participants with activity wearables, found that walking 9,800 steps per day reduced the risk for dementia by 50% and also reduced the risk for cancer, heart disease and death.

Another related study also found that walking faster (>4 mph) also reduced these risks, to a greater extent than walking 9,800 steps per day.

The Hearty Take

Any walking is better than no walking! Faster is better than slower. You should not only strive to walk more, but also strive to walk briskly. Aim to get in 9,800+ steps per day if possible.

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