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We combine modern & holistic medicine, tech, and behavioral science to help you reclaim and extend your healthspan - the length of time you live healthy and vital.

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to fit you

Health isn’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we customize your health plan to fit your bio-individuality.


We meet you where you are

Your starting point is unique. That’s why we analyze 400 genetic, blood, and behaviors biomarkers to establish your own personal health baseline—all from the comfort of home.

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It's all in the details

Wearable tech helps monitor sleep, movement, stress, and metabolism while providing real-time biofeedback.


With you at every step

Your physician & health coach team will customize a program to help you improve your habits and stay on track.

Founders with purpose

Traditional healthcare is “sick” care. So, we reimagined it. We’re on a mission to build the most trusted healthspan platform in the world.

Image of David Luu, MD
David Luu, MD
Heart surgeon, social entrepreneur. Founded The Heart Fund, an U.N. accredited foundation. Built mobile clinics and health tech that reached millions of people in Africa.
Image of Frank Lipman, MD
Frank Lipman, MD
Pioneer in functional medicine and NYT best selling author. Treated thousands of patients for almost 40 years in New York.
Image of Ashish Narayan
Ashish Narayan
Technical leader designing and scaling complex technology solutions for health care systems such as Mount Sinai and Northwell Health.
Image of Neil Parikh
Neil Parikh
Co-Founder of Casper, dropped out of Brown University’s medical school. Has 7 patents from mattresses to robotics.

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Hearty is a 12-month program and consists of: biomarker testing, wearable tech devices, doctor consultations, weekly coaching, access to the community, and special events.

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