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Live Healthier, Longer

A tailor-made health program that provides insight to your health through in-home testing and monitoring - so you can transform your health and feel vibrant


All-in-one Longevity Program

Personal App

Personal App

In-home testing

In-home testing

Wearables and devices

Wearables and devices

Concierge medical team

Concierge medical team

The First Virtual Healthspan Clinic

As physicians, patients, and parents, we wanted to build a platform that keeps people healthier, longer—rather than focusing on short-term symptom treatment.

We wanted to offer totally a new experience backed by science and simplified by technology. So we created Hearty.

David Luu, MD

David Luu, MD


why hearty

Medicine is NOT

You are unique, which means your health is unique. With all the abundance of misinformation and unavailability
to access all your health data, it's tough to stay well.

We believe a check up once a year is not enough to truly understand your health.


You are anxious due to the lack of proper diagnosis and support


You find it hard to find a trusted doctor who is preventative and accessible


You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start


You feel defeated until your
health is no longer a priority


You have low energy—mentally and physically


You feel less motivated and less healthy than ever

The good news? You can be an expert of your own health, time, and life.

Your trusted healthspan partner

In a time of great confusion about what you have to do for better healthspan, you need a unique way to think about the overall quality of your life. You don't have to wait until you're sick and tired to feel healthy.

With a team of trusted top-tier doctors, Hearty has created a program that offers you cutting edge in-home testing. It teaches you how to look at your body’s unique needs, so you can reach your health goals and feel great doing it.



genetic, blood, and behavioral biomarkers are tracked


specialists are assigned to your
dedicated medical team

up to


health consultations a year.
That’s 1 consultation per week!

Stay on top of your health with Hearty — a one-year optimization program

01. Dedicated medical team

Your medical provider studies your health and goals, works with you on a realistic healthspan plan and prescribes the tests and devices that are right for you.

02. Cutting-edge biomarkers test

Your starting point is unique. That’s why we analyze 450 genetic, blood, and behavioral biomarkers to establish your own personal health baseline—all from the comfort of home.

03. Real-time Biometrics analysis

Wearable tech helps monitor sleep, movement, stress, and metabolism while providing real-time biofeedback - meeting you where you are and holding you accountable along the way.

04. All-in-one app

Access to all your data and communications on your app. Get notified by your team real-time. Easy-to-use interface with concierge experience.

05. 1:1 Personal health coach

Your physician & health coach team will customize a program and work with you on mindful and healthy eating, exercise, sleep, stress management - while motivating you to stay on track.

06. Private community

You’ll never have to do this alone again. We have a community of warriors ready to support you in learning and celebrating your victories along the way.

Hearty integrates with
best-in-class technologies

Gain clarity about your custom-fit health choices. Because you deserve to look and feel the picture of health.

Hearty is the trusted medical partner to help you achieve sustained health outcomes.
WARNING: Your friends and family will start asking what you’re doing differently.

Sleep, eat, and perform better
Sleep, eat, and perform better
Have vibrant energy
Have vibrant energy
Master Stress
Master Stress
Prevent disease
Prevent disease
Feel healthier than you ever have before
Feel healthier than you ever have before
Age better than anyone you know
Age better than anyone you know
Live life to the fullest longer
Live life to the fullest longer

How Hearty Works

Start your life-enhancing health journey from the comfort of your home

Step 1: Test

Get on a call with
a top-tier doctor and get all your tests done from home.

Step 2: Track

Receive your starting kit. Download the app. And start monitoring your lifestyle.

Step 3: Transform

Witness transformation with your personalized program and
weekly coaching.

Get a fully integrated white-glove experience that helps you take your health into your own hands

Metabolic Health

Heart Health

Immune Health

Gut Health

Cognitive Health

Unlock Optimal HealthSpan

Hearty’s One-Year Healthspan Optimization is the perfect fit for anyone tired of investing in different parts of their health, separately, and seeking the most effective and efficient total solution.

Your Membership Package Includes:

Your Medical Team: Physicians, Nutritionist, Health Coach, and a Personal Concierge
In-home Phlebotomist testing: Multiple Rounds of Blood and Genetic Tests
Starter Kit: Oura Ring, Continuous Glucose Monitor, Withings Scale
Tailor-Made Program with medical consultations and on-demand Nutrition and Coaching Sessions
Hearty' all in one Application, 24/7 Data Monitoring, and Analysis
Exclusive Access to the Hearty Club Portal
Frank Lipman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

We are launching this game-changing New Medicine platform that is perfect for people looking to prevent disease, age well, perform better, and create optimal health.

Dawn Brighid

Integrative Nutritionist

"It is not easy to change your eating habits. I will help to focus on small changes, based on your genetics and lifestyle"