Pioneers in Longevity Technology

“Our journey began with a team of people obsessed with improving their own and others' health. The four of us have built impactful companies and technology in health and wellness and are now using our experience to fix healthcare.”

David Luu, MD

Founder and CEO
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Frank Lipman, MD

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
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Neil Parikh

Co-founder and board member
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Ashish Narayan

Co-founder and technology advisor
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Dawn Brighid

Nutritionist and Coach
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David Lipman, MBBS

Scientific Director
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Caroline Howe

Care Coordinator
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Petal Bovell-Profit

People and Operations
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Jessica Mehraban, PA-C

Physician Associate
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Alexandra Davidson, DNP

Family Nurse Practitioner
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The Longevity Platform

We are building the world’s first tech-enabled longevity platform to train, empower, and support the next generation of doctors.
We developed a proprietary method and curriculum to train healthcare providers in longevity medicine.
Our vertically integrated platform offers best-in-class biomarkers, wearables, and diagnostic tools under one roof.
We offer the services providers need to scale their longevity practice and serve patients globally.

Excellence in Longevity

Our company culture is defined by five guiding principles that shape our approach and values to add healthy and vibrant years to your life.
Ownership of Well-being

We advocate for everyone's right to take charge of their health.
Data-Driven Personalization

We stand by tailored interventions grounded in proven science.

We commit to radical transparency and the highest ethical standards.

We believe that community is both the heart of health and the foundation of our company.
Global Vision,
Local Action

While our perspective is global, our initiatives are locally anchored.

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