Longevity Checkup

Lab work, imaging, and consultations with a longevity physician - fast, easy, and convenient.
Consultations with Longevity Medicine Experts
Under the guidance of our expert longevity medical team, you'll receive best in class longevity guidance through five virtual consultations, including:

1. Medical history & initial assessment
2. Labs analysis & tailored wellness plan
3. Genetics & biological age review
4. Nutrition consultation
5. Wearables & Exercise evaluation
Longevity Testing and Assessments

Comprehensive Blood Work  
Through detailed and advanced blood analysis, we’ll identify key areas for enhancing your health. Our evaluation covers an extensive array of blood biomarkers, including vitamins, minerals, hormones, advanced lipid & cardiovascular tests, inflammation indicators, and key markers of longevity. This data provides profound insights into your health, laying the groundwork for your wellness plan.

We’ll unlock your genetic blueprint, offering you scientifically-grounded dietary and lifestyle guidance tailored to your genetic makeup.

Biological Age
You’ll gain an understanding of how your body is aging on a cellular level. We can pinpoint your cell’s biological age and guide you to make lifestyle choices for optimal health.

At Hearty, we consider more than just your blood work. If your lab results and medical history suggest a need, the following imaging tests would be included in your membership. Some tests may require prior approval from your insurance:

Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score Scanning: the gold standard for coronary artery calcification

Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA): a method for measuring bone density and body composition

Mammogram: a vital screening method for breast health

Colonoscopy: an essential diagnostic tool for evaluating colorectal health

To complement your blood work and imaging, we include a set of cutting-edge wearables in your Hearty Welcome Box. We have designed our app to seamlessly integrate with these devices, securely syncing your health data to the Hearty platform.

Continuous Glucose Monitor: By providing you with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), we’ll monitor your body’s reactions to foods, gaining deeper insights into your metabolism.

Oura Ring: The Oura ring offers insights into your sleep quality and stress resilience, delivering data that motivates accountability.

Withings Body Composition Tracker: The Withings Body+ digital scale provides a snapshot of your muscle mass, bone mass, and fat distribution.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor: The BP Monitor provides medically accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements with immediate feedback on the device.
Personalized Longevity Blueprint and Therapy

Blueprint: Living a long and fulfilling life is about embracing your individuality. Using your comprehensive biomarker results, imaging, and wearable data, Hearty designs personalized recommendations for nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management.

Targeted supplements, peptides, & prescriptions: Hearty’s medical experts will formulate a supplement and peptides regimen precisely aligned with your individual biology. Should there be a need, we’re also on hand to prescribe the appropriate medications.
Hearty App
Navigate your Hearty longevity journey effortlessly with the Hearty app. Here, you can view your wearables data, lab results, imaging, and customized health strategy. You can also chat directly in the app with your medical team (3 months access included with your membership)

Preferred Access and Scheduling of the Latest Tests
Blood Based Cancer Screening (Galleri)
Full-Body MRI (Prenuvo)
Advanced CT scan of heart (Cleerly)
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT)
Food Sensitivity Testing
Microbiome Analysis
VO2 max

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Digital Pharmacy with Supplements
Intravenous (IV) Treatments
Personalized Care Coordination Concierge

Members Community
Get exclusive access to our members only events at the Hearty Longevity Lounge in Sag Habror, NY. Join a community of like-minded individuals for private dinner and networking events.

Tap into continuous longevity education through invitations to expert talks and conferences, in addition to accessing our ever-expanding online resources.


Hearty is now available in New York, California, and Connecticut. If you're from a different state and interested, we'd love to connect!
Hearty provides checkup invoices, potentially usable as company expenses. Check with your company policies.

Advanced Testing

Advanced Heart Lipid panel with inflammatory markers

Cholesterol (LDL, HDL, total)
Apolipoprotein B
Apolipoprotein A
LP PLA2 Activity

Nutrients Levels

Omega-3 fatty acids
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

Metabolic Analysis

Fasting Insulin
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)

Hormonal Baseline

Thyroid hormones: TSH, T3, T4

Organs Function

Liver function tests: ALT, AST, bilirubin, albumin
Kidney function tests: creatinine, BUN, GFR


A personalized approach to nutrition that uses genetic testing to understand how individual genetic variations affect nutrient metabolism and dietary responses, providing guidance for tailored dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Genetic Testing

Testing with variants associated with increased cardiovascular risk including ApoE genotype and 9p21 genotype

DNA Methylation

Measuring DNA methylation patterns which can give an estimate of a person's "biological age".

Blood-based Cancer Screening

A blood test that uses next-generation sequencing technology to detect the presence of cancer-related DNA alterations, providing early detection for multiple types of cancer.

Full-Body MRI

An advanced medical imaging procedure that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan the entire body, offering a comprehensive picture of an individual's health and potential disease states - in one hour.


The maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise, VO2max is a common measurement used to assess cardiovascular fitness and endurance capacity in exercise physiology.

Cleerly Scan

An AI platform that uses CT angiography imaging technology to provide detailed visualizations and assessments of coronary arteries such as “soft plaques”, aiding in the detection of heart disease.

Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score Scanning

This is a non-invasive CT scan used to measure the amount of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. The resulting score helps estimate an individual's risk of developing heart disease in the future.

Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scan

DEXA is a quick, precise, and non-invasive method of measuring bone mineral density. It's the gold standard for diagnosing osteoporosis and also provides detailed body composition analysis, including muscle and fat distribution.

Whole Genome Sequencing

A comprehensive method for analyzing entire genomes. It provides a detailed, high-resolution view of all the genetic variations in an individual's DNA, aiding in disease prediction, diagnosis, and guiding personalized medical treatments.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A series of tests designed to identify foods to which an individual might have a sensitivity or intolerance. This is typically done by measuring the levels of certain antibodies (like IgG) in the blood in response to various foods.

Leaky Gut Testing

This is the assessment of intestinal permeability to identify 'leaky gut syndrome', a condition where the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing undigested food particles and bacteria to leak into the bloodstream.

How will I access the the results from my genetic and blood tests?

All of your test results will be available for review within your Hearty app. Feel free to refer back to them any time you’d like!

Where will my Phlebotomy appointment take place and how long will it take?

Our concierge phlebotomist will come to you, ensuring the appointment is swift, taking no more than 20 minutes. We schedule a 1-hour slot, giving our Phlebotomist a 30-minute flexibility window to account for any travel uncertainties. Your comfort and time are our priorities.

I've received a bill from the lab for my blood work. What should I do?

For the lab to process your tests, they require your insurance details. If you have any billing concerns or queries, please contact your care coordinator for assistance

How long will it take to process my labs?

While timelines can fluctuate, you can generally expect your blood test results within 3 weeks and genetic testing results in about 6 weeks.

How long will it take to receive my personalized health plan?

To craft your Hearty personalized plan, we first collect a foundational set of data from your wearables, alongside your blood test results. This process typically takes around four weeks.

Can you tell me about the wearable devices I’ll be using?

Currently, Hearty collects personal health data for each member using four different wearable devices:

Oura Ring: HRV (heart rate variability), resting heart rate, and sleep metrics

Withings Smart Scale: Weight, lean body mass, body fat, and bone mass

Withings BP Monitor: Blood pressure

Dexcom CGM: Continuous blood glucose monitoring for 10 days

The data from each device will automatically be imported to the Hearty App, where you can see all of your data in one place.

How do I connect these wearable account to the Hearty app?

In order for Hearty to connect with each wearable, you must first setup the account with each service, just as you would normally. The Hearty app will prompt you to sign into your Withings, Oura, and Dexcom accounts. Once you grant the Hearty app with access, there's no need for reauthorization in the future.

How to Install your Body+ Scale
How to Install your BPM Connect

Oura:How to Set Up your Oura Ring

Our concierge phlebotomist will guide you with setting up your Dexcom CGM. For detailed instructions on how to use the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, please refer to the user guide at dexcom.com/guides. You can also watch this short instructional video for more guidance.

After connecting my wearable accounts, do I have to do anything to sync the data?

Nope! After connecting these accounts, the data from each device will automatically sync with the Hearty app. Sometimes, data may not sync immediately, but rest assured it is working in the background.

Why do I have to download so many apps?

Every wearable device comes with its own app to capture the monitored data. This data is securely transferred to the Hearty app. After you grant the Hearty app permission once, there's no need for further authorization.

What happens with my CGM when I am done wearing it?

You are free to remove the sensor after 10 days. After sensor session ends, peel off patch like a bandage. To make it easier, try these tips:

- Loosen edge and soak patch in body oil, like baby oil or an adhesive remover for skin (see product instructions before using)

- Use adhesive removal wipes for skin to rub the skin that gets exposed as you peel back the patch

- Try different pulling techniques: pull off the patch slowly, folding it over itself, in the same direction of hair growth. Or, stretch loosened edge, and push your fingers under the patch to pull it off your skin.

- Make sure you clean the skin after wearing your CGM - the adhesive can be mildly irritating to the skin

What do I do if I experience a bug or error in the app?

We're constantly refining the Hearty app to enhance your experience. While we aim for perfection, occasional glitches might occur. If you encounter any issues, please contact support@joinhearty.com or your care coordinator, and we'll address them promptly.

Your Longevity Team

Frank Lipman, MD
Functional Physician
Alexandra Davidson, DNP
Nurse Practitioner
David Lipman, MBBS
Exercise physiologist
Jessica Mehraban, PA-C
Physician Associate
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach
Frank Lipman, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Alexandra Davidson, DNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
David Lipman, MBBS
Scientific Director
Jessica Mehraban, PA-C
Physician Associate
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach

How It Works

Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach

Step 1

• Hearty Intake: First consultation with your Hearty team

• We learn about your life, what makes you tick, how you live, etc. 

• Based on your consultation results, we get advanced labwork done (at home/office or at Quest)

• Get your Hearty box, including all the wearables + your genetics test
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach

Step 2

• Get a report from your Hearty team based on your lab results, genetics, and wearables data

• Schedule any follow-up testing as needed (eg. heart, cancer, etc)

• Meet with your coach about your plan moving forward
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach

Step 3

• Implement your Hearty plan

• Final visit with your Hearty doctor to review your plan & implement recommendations moving forward
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From Real Members

Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach
" Hearty completely changed my health. When I started the program I learned how bad my numbers were and couldn't continue down the same path. In less than a year I have completely turned everything around and have never felt better."

Cory Moelis
Co-Founder & General Partner
Ground Up Ventures
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach
" Jumping on the Hearty Longevity Checkup was a game changer. It's totally reshaped my exercise and how I handle stress. With top-notch doctors on tap, it's like having a personal health squad. A real life upgrade, I'd say! "

Alexa von Tobel, CFP
Founder & Managing Partner
Inspired Capital
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach
" No one else is offering this kind of comprehensive and holistic approach — not soup to nuts like this, and not with the level of medical care, nutritional guidance, and complete health and wellbeing assistance.

Anonymous Member
Dawn Brighid
Nutritionist and Coach
" Have enjoyed feeling better about myself and my body. "

Anonymous Member

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