Did you know that fiber intake is related to cognitive function?

Hearty Team
Feb 13, 2023

How much fiber do you consume daily? Research suggests that improving fiber intake may help improve cognitive function, at least for older adults. 

Study Summary 

This research, which included data from 1,070 older adults (aged 60+), found that: 

  • The mean dietary fiber intake was 17.3 g/d. 
  • Dietary fiber intake was positively associated with improved cognitive function based on a test called the digit symbol substitution test (DSST).
  • Increasing fiber intake up to 34 g/d was associated with an increased score on the DSST test. 

The Hearty Take 

Public health interventions that target a recommended dietary fiber intake may provide a promising strategy to combat cognitive decline in high-risk groups of older adults. Regardless of age, take precaution by prioritizing a healthy fiber intake, target 34 grams of fiber per day to optimize for cognitive function!

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