Does exercise matter for everyone?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Does exercise matter as much for those with a genetic predisposition for longevity? ⁠New research aiming to understand whether associations between physical activity, sedentary time and death change based on varying genetic predispositions for longevity, shed a light on the answer to this question.⁠

Study Summary

The study, which included 5,446 women, found that:

  • Exercise is essential for a long and healthy life, even for those with a higher genetic likelihood for longevity.⁠
  • Reducing time spent sedentary is also critical for a long and healthy life, independent of genetics.

The Hearty Take

To optimize for healthspan, prioritize daily exercise. There is no way of getting out of exercise, even if you have a higher genetic likelihood of living longer. Have you had your genetics tested? Based on your genetics, you can alter your lifestyle to support weaker pathways. Reach out to your medical team to order a genetic test!

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