How does nature impact mood?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

What does time spent near rivers and canals have to do with mental well-being? New research finds that quite literally, going with the flow, may boost your mood.

Study Summary

The study which included 299 participants, concluded that:

  • Time spent near canals and rivers is associated with better mental wellbeing
  • Time spent near canals and rivers (blue spaces) is more impactful for well-being than time spent in green spaces, such as forests and parks.

The Hearty Take

Wouldn’t it be great if in the future a doctor could prescribe a trip to a nearby river when you were feeling overwhelmed or sad? Previous research has associated both green and blue spaces with improved mental well-being. This study adds to that evidence, while also suggesting that blue spaces may be more impactful for enhancing mental well-being. Are you feeling down or like you need a mental reset? Enjoying nature might be a great help!

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