Brain Health

Are blueberries a superfood for the brain?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 1, 2022

Can a serving of blueberries a day keep late-life dementia at bay? Researchers from University of Cincinnati believe so, at least for middle-aged populations.

Study Summary

A study, including 33 overweight and prediabetic participants (~50-65 years old) who had mild memory decline, found that supplementing with ½ cup of powdered blueberries over 12 weeks, resulted in:

  • Improved metabolic function.
  • Higher amounts of a cellular process, called mitochondrial uncoupling, which is associated with improved longevity and reduced oxidative stress otherwise thought of as cellular aging.
  • Improved scores for cognitive tasks that depend on executive control. These functions decline with aging and late-life dementia.

The Hearty Take

At Hearty, we believe that blueberries are a brain-healthy food. Although this study uses powdered blueberries, we recommend eating fresh blueberries to support long-term cognitive function. Given their health benefits there is no reason to wait to start eating them either. For personalized nutrition advice, reach out to Hearty!

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