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Dan Buettner on Longevity in Loma Linda

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Dan Buettner is a researcher, author and founder of the Blue Zones®, a company dedicated to creating healthy communities. Along with two other demographers, he discovered 5 places with the highest density of people who live the longest and healthiest (the so-called “Blue Zones”), one of which is Loma Linda, California. Here are the factors he uncovered that explain their longevity:

  1. They take a 24 hour weekly break from regular life.
  2. They maintain a healthy weight, as measured by BMI.
  3. They regularly exercise.
  4. They emphasize socialization with like-minded people.
  5. They regularly consume nuts.
  6. They regularly help others.
  7. They don’t heavily consume meat; they consume a plant-rich diet.
  8. Their dinner is early and light.
  9. They stay hydrated.

For more read the details on the BlueZones blog.

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