How does nature impact well-being?

Dr Frank Lipman
Jan 4, 2023

How does nature impact well-being? Hundreds of studies have suggested that nature exposure improves well-being. Now, a review has analyzed those studies. 

Study Summary

The review, which analyzed these high-quality, found that:  

  • Nature exposure may enhance well-being, increase feelings of happiness, improve resilience and reduce social isolation.
  • Working or living near greenery also comes with benefits, including: reduced incidence of heart and respiratory conditions, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress and a lower risk of metabolic conditions as well as a reduced rate of cognitive decline.
  • Green spaces in the home are also associated with reduced rates of death from any cause.

The Hearty Take

Imagine a future in which a doctor could prescribe time spent in nature to help reduce symptoms and improve well-being. We believe in a future which invests in nature as recovery!

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