How does time-restricted eating (TRE) impact the health of those with 24 hour working shifts?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 21, 2022

There is no doubt that 24 hour shifts are hard on our health, increasing the risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. What can intervene in these health risks? New research suggests that TRE may provide a helpful intervention.

Study Summary

TRE is when you follow a schedule/window of when you eat (and when you don’t eat). For instance, restricting yourself to a 10 hour eating window throughout the day.

A recent study out of UCSD, including 150 fire-fighter participants, found that eating within a 10 hour window (Mediterranean diet-style) may decrease VLDL “bad” cholesterol levels, and enhance mental health. Researchers also noted that individuals with high blood sugar/blood pressure before the intervention experienced a reduction for both of these measures.

The Hearty Take

Many individuals who work long shifts, overnight or 24+ hours at a time are at an increased risk for several health conditions. TRE (coupled with healthy) eating could potentially serve as an intervention for these individuals, in order to prevent health decline!

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