What does your sense of purpose in life say about your longevity?

Hearty Team
Jan 23, 2023

Does having a greater sense of purpose in life improve your longevity? New research, adding to a previously existing body of research, suggests that sense of purpose is important for longevity. 

Study Summary

This research, which relied on data from ~13,000 people, found that: 

• Those with the highest sense of purpose, had the lowest risk for death (15.2%) 

• Those with the lowest sense of purpose, had the greatest risk of death (36.5%) 

• This association between a higher sense of purpose and a lower risk of death is likely more significant for women. 

There is a need for more research to understand why this association may be enhanced for women. 

The Hearty Take 

Programs which would be geared to increase feelings of purpose could be a great way to reduce the risk of death and increase quality of life for those who join! Promote your own feelings of purpose by engaging in physical activity, joining a club, or participating in spirituality. 

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