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Fire Chat: Dr. Roxanna Namavar from Pretty Healthy NYC

Hearty Team
Sep 16, 2023

1. When did you become fascinated by longevity and aging?

I believe the most important piece of longevity is the quality of longevity. I saw so many patients searching for beauty through aesthetic medicine, as a way to feel better in their bodies, but ignoring overall basic health and wellness practices. My intention is not to live longer, but to live as long as possible, while being and living well. The functional part of my practice started when I was diagnosed with food sensitivities; changing my diet completely changed my migraine incidence, bloating, brain fog and fatigue.

2. What has been a longevity game-changer for your medicine practice?

Helping patients with intentional living; helping them understand the intention behind unhealthy behavior patterns/foods etc, and what blocks them from unhealthy choices.

3. What is your mission?

My mission in life is to be present, we can't do that if we don't feel good in our bodies. I believe as one person evolves into a better life, it impacts the whole.

4. What is your daily health routine?

Natural light in the morning, and grounding, before the day starts. Its important to move our bodies and listen to what they need.

5. What is the future of medicine/longevity medicine?

I believe the future is based on consciousness awareness about how to create a quality of life that is well – incorporating basic human needs like purpose and community human contact with medical advances in genetics and brain health optimization – the marriage of both will support a better quality of life.

6. What is one piece of longevity advice that you want to leave our audience with?

Emotional and mental health is paramount to physical health, if our cells and body are not healthy, our perception will be negative, and vice versa.

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