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Do heavy metals impact cognitive function?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 19, 2022

Did you know that heavy metals may negatively impact cognitive function? Research suggests that lead, cadmium, manganese, and other metals are associated with impaired cognitive function and cognitive decline.

Study Summary

A study associated high cadmium and lead levels, or high cadmium blood levels alone with poor working memory, for older adults aged 50-82 years. Working memory allows us to keep track of what we are doing. It has a major role in the process, use and recall of information.

A similar study found that higher levels of heavy metals (including lead, aluminum, and cadmium) were more prevalent in those with cognitive impairment. Those with the highest levels of cognitive impairment had the highest levels of metals.

The Hearty Take

At Hearty, we believe in taking precautions - avoiding cosmetics with heavy metals, such as deodorant with aluminum, and investing in a water filter. You can also avoid heavy metals by eating organic, and choosing low-mercury seafood like sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel. If you are at a higher risk for alzheimers, or just want to work on preventive measures to avoid this disease, look into getting your heavy metal levels tested.

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