How do the keto and Mediterranean diets impact metabolic health?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 16, 2022

Which diet is better for metabolic health? Since both diets are effective for managing diabetes, a study sought out to understand which might apply best. The study compared how the keto and Mediterranean diets impact glucose control.

Study Summary

The study, a randomized crossover trial including 33 participants with prediabetes or diabetes, found that:

  • Those on the keto diet saw a greater decrease in triglycerides.
  • Those on the Mediterranean diet experienced a greater reduction in LDL cholesterol (so called ‘bad cholesterol’).
  • Those on the keto diet had higher levels of HDL cholesterol (so called ‘goodcholesterol’).
  • However, those on the keto diet had a lower nutrient intake.
  • After 12 weeks of follow-up, the Mediterranean diet appeared to be more sustainable in contributing to greater metabolic health.

The Hearty Take

This study suggests that a Mediterranean diet may be more beneficial for long-term metabolic health, at least for those who have prediabetes or diabetes particularly given its greater sustainability (an absolutely crucial part of any dietary pattern). At Hearty, we know the immense power of diet in contributing to greater metabolic and overall health. However, we believe that diet needs to be individualized to each person to a greater extent - based on genetics, in-depth testing, and family, as well as current health history. Reach out to your doctor and your nutritionist receive individualized nutrition advice!

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