How does stress impact the immune system?

Dr Frank Lipman
Dec 20, 2022

Do higher stress levels age the immune system? Researchers from UCLA and USC sought out to answer this question.

Study Summary

Here’s what they found:

For 5,744 adults (50+ years of age), those with higher levels of lifetime stress had a less efficient, and more 'aged' immune system.

Next, researchers adjusted for diet and activity — finding that those with higher stress levels tended to eat poorer and exercise less. These factors all contributed to accelerated immune aging.

The authors of this research concluded that addressing both diet and exercise behaviors could offset stress-associated immune aging!

The Hearty Take

Immune aging may increase the risk for cancer, heart disease, viral infection and more. At Hearty we recommend cultivating a daily stress-reduction practice — whether that be meditation, socialization or exercise is up to you! While you’re at it, take this as a reminder to stay active and prioritize a healthy diet.

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