Why Join The Worlds First Longevity Club?

Hearty Team
Oct 3, 2023

We've created Hearty, the world's first longevity club, with a singular mission: to extend human healthspan for all and to build a community while doing it. Our vision is simple yet widely under-accessed - to shift the paradigm of healthcare from a broad reactive approach to a precise, proactive one. As a doctor and previously a heart surgeon, I know that impactful healthcare begins before disease occurs, not as conventional medicine would have it: after diagnosis and symptoms appear. So, at Hearty, we have re-imagined healthcare by creating a program to actively manage health and prevent disease so that our members live the longest, healthiest lives they can.

Our approach to preventive healthcare relies on cutting-edge technology and tests, and personalized guidance from specialists in longevity medicine.

How it works?

Our flagship offering, the Longevity Blueprint, connects you with all of the holistic and comprehensive tools you need to optimize your health:

1. Consultations with longevity medicine experts: When you start your journey with us you get access to top-notch medical professionals who specialize in longevity and preventive care. This medical team is dedicated to improving your health and will be with you every step of your longevity journey.

2. Longevity testing and assessments: These medical professionals will help you identify which tests and imaging, as well as other comprehensive health assessments will be most valuable to understanding your current health status and risk factors.

3. Wearables: You will be given wearables to track your health metrics accurately. This will give you continuous insights into your own health and allow our medical experts to recommend lifestyle changes, supplements and more, to routinely optimize your numbers.

4. Your personalized longevity blueprint and therapy: Much of the magic at Hearty is in your personalized longevity blueprint – your medical team-produced customized and evolving plan to help you live longer, healthier.

5. Access to our app: Your journey would not be complete without giving you access to seamless communication with your healthcare team through our app. Our app also provides you with constant access to your health data, wearable metrics, and your longevity plan. Stay informed with the Hearty app!

6. Preferred access to the latest tests: We also make sure that you stay ahead of the health curve by allowing you to opt into receiving various cutting-edge health tests from early cancer detection tests to full body scans.

7. Community: When you join Hearty you become part of our community. Our member club brings together CEOs, investors, and individuals from diverse backgrounds who are united by a common goal: to live long and healthy lives. The Hearty community offers plenty of virtual and in-person events to build relationships - from exclusive expert speaker panels, to member sharing circles and longevity-inspired dinners.

8. Continuous longevity education: Last but not least, our mission is most effective when you stay on top of your longevity-knowledge. Feel empowered with ongoing opportunities for education on health and longevity.

Your health is your most precious asset, and once you join Hearty, your health becomes our most precious asset.

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